I heard the other day (November 2010) that one of our British universities has set up a "DNA archive of endangered species". The plan as I understand it's to store the DNA in a freezer until, at some time in the future, clones can be created to replace animals that have become extinct.
It's recently (October 2010) been announced here in Britain that the government is considering legislating for permanent "Summer time", with a view to "double Summer time" in the near future. I say - let's not.
Walking through my local public park the other day, I was enchanted by the beauty of the fallen leaves - a glorious patchwork of yellows, reds and browns, each tree with its characteristic hues in the sunlight. It's one of the delights of Autumn.
December 1st. Crossing my local park through the snow this afternoon, I witnessed my local council systematically destroying yet another natural habitat.
In my article Green Land Management - an Oxymoron? I mentioned that where the local council can't get its machinery in to mow the grass to the very ground it's full of wild flowers. But no more - not since the second week of May 2011.