What is sound? Well, if I wave my hand about in mid air I'm pushing some of the air around, creating pressure waves that radiate outwards like the ripples on a pond at over 700 miles per hour.
In the absence of prior expectation of their differences, many sensory stimuli get categorised in our minds as the essentially the same.
How does one learn to exercise naive attention? It's an experiential thing, rather like learning to dance or ride a bicycle.
22 November 2011. Until around 9 am today, the public green outside my house was carpeted with a glorious patchwork of golden and russet Autumn leaves. Then the council turned up.
In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote her famous "Silent Spring" - postulating that our excessive use of chemicals in agriculture would ultimately eliminate all the wild birds from our countryside. In event, that turned out to be a somewhat pessimistic prognosis, although populations have indeed significantly declined in the interim and some once common species are now rarities.