Commission a demonstration, a talk or a sound installation

I'm available to present talks and demonstrations of wildlife watchers' fieldcraft, nature perception and field sound recording, and I also provide wild sounds ambience for exhibitions and events.

I'm happy to go pretty much anywhere within the UK to speak about sounds of the wild or demonstrate recording or fieldcraft techniques at your venue or event. The minimum effective group for demonstrations is three or four people, and the maximum is around eight. Demonstrations can usefully be as short as 45 minutes, so it's possible to run several a day at a single venue. Fieldcraft demonstrations are possible in reasonably good weather - which normally means the period between May and September inclusive. Suitable venues range from small woodlands or farmland with public rights of way to quiet public open spaces.

For talks I usually reckon on around an upper limit of about 50 people, but I'm always willing to adapt your specific needs. Children of nine years upwards are welcome at both demonstrations and talks, provided they are accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

So if you're running a nature- related or environmental event and would like me to speak about any aspect of fieldcraft, nature perception or wild soundscapes and their recording, or if you would like ambient wild sound for your exhibition, send me an email and we can discuss arrangements. I look forward to hearing from you all.